Furniture Colors...  

Our Color Flex is a specially formulated water based urethane color coating.  Our repair compound is a water-based urethane filler.

Both offer:

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Tough and Durable
  • Natural look and feel
  • Flexible
  • Excellent feel - compares to OEM
  • Easy to use
  • Sponge, foam brush, spray or wipe on
  • Water clean up
Leather repair kit

Repair Kit "Complete"
Color Flex

Leather repair kit

1 - 6 oz bottle of Color Flex
1 - Sponge applicator
1 - Application tray
1 - Jar of repair compound
Alcohol towels
Sub-patch material
Detailed instructions

Leather repair color coating

1 - 6 oz bottle of Color Flex
1 - Sponge applicator
1 - Application tray

This is a top color coating only.
It will not fill cracks.


Click to see the Furniture color chart  Click to see the Furniture color chart

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Furniture Colors Charts
  • These samples are an approximation of the actual color.
  • Colors may vary due to monitor resolution and personal settings.
    "Seeing Accurate Color"
  • Choose your color based on the description rather than the color swatch.
  • Our Color Flex has a satin finish. 
    If you need a matte or glossy finish you may need a top coat of clear---See "Other Products".

Loading Blown Glass White...
F1 Blown Glass White
Cool white
with just a slight hint of gray

Loading Super White...
F8 Oyster Bay
Neutral creamy light bone white
Loading Ecru...
F12 Ecru
Creamy warm bone white
with a slight hint of red compared to Oyster Bay F8
Loading Oyster...
F2102 - Oyster
Warm  bone white
with a very slight hint of
peach compared to F12 Ecru
Loading Sharon Blush...
F1 - Sharon Blush
Pale bisque
more pink and brighter
compared to Oyster F2102
Loading Light Rosewood...
F24 - Light Rosewood
Creamy medium Salmon
Loading Champagne...
F2474 - Champagne
Dark cream
with a hint of yellow
Loading Light Ivory...
F13 - Ivory
Creamy warm  beige
Loading Light Beige...
F9 - Light Beige
Medium beige
about 4 shades darker
than Ivory F13
 Loading Mocha...
F10 - Mocha
Coffee with cream
but tends to have
a slight green cast
Loading Balsa Tan...
F5005 - Balsa Tan
Medium tan
with a slight golden cast
Loading Biscuit Tan...
F17 - Biscuit Tan
Medium tan
with an orange cast.
More orange compared to
Camel F26
Loading Sand...
F5028 - Sand
Medium tan
with a yellow cast
Loading Camel...
F26 - Camel
Medium tan
less orange (red & yellow)
than Biscuit Tan F17

Loading Saddle Tan...
F4 - Saddle Tan
Medium tan
more red than F34

Pecan Brown loading...
F34 - Pecan Brown
Medium tan
much more yellow  than F4

Loading Jennifer Brown...
F2 - Jennifer Brown

Medium tan
a bit more red than and
one shade darker than F4
Loading Med Dark Saddle
F15- Medium Dark Saddle
Medium rusty tan
 Loading Rust...
F16 - Rust
Dark rusty tan

Loading Presidio...
F7 - Beechnut
Dark Tan
almost a medium milk chocolate

Mustang Brown loading...
F29 - Mustang Brown
Dark Tan
with a bit more red than F7
Loading Brown...
 F11 - Brown
Dark reddish milk chocolate
Nutmeg loading...
F35 Nutmeg
Dark reddish milk chocolate brown
with more red and brighter
than F11
Brandy Brown loading...
 F5859 - Brandy Brown
Dark reddish brown
with more red and brighter
than F35
 Loading Lardo Taupe...
F6 - Larado Taupe
Medium dusty gray beige
 Loading Taupe...
F25 - Taupe
Dark gray brown
Graphite Brown loading...
F27 - Graphite Brown
Dark taupe or dusty brown
 Loading Bordo Brown...
F4703 - Bordo Brown
Dark reddish brown
less yellow than F5859
 Loading Burgundy Brown...
F5047 - Burgundy Brown
Dark reddish brown
twice as red as F4703
 Loading Cordovan Brown...
 F31 Cordovan Brown
Darkest Reddish Brown
more black than F5047
 Loading Cordovan Brown...
F810 - Dark Cordovan Brown
Darkest brown
almost blackwith a
 tiny hint of red
 Loading Brazil Brown...
F453 - Brazil Brown
Darkest neutral brown
almost black,
like chocolate syrup
Loading Salmon... 
F5080 - Salmon

Medium dusty reddish orange
Burnt Orange loading...
F32 - Burnt Orange
Dark rusty orange
Loading Light Brick...
 F5122 - Light Brick
Light red
brighter than F2404
Loading Brick...
 F2404 - Brick
Dusty dark red
Loading Dark Red...
FBK72 - Dark Red

Dark red
Loading Plum...
F5116 - Plum
Slight brownish plum
Loading Plum...
F23 - Plum
More red than F5116
Loading Burgundy...
F2105 - Burgundy
Deep burgundy
with more blue than F23
Loading Raseberry
 F18- Raseberry
Bright medium/dark blue
Loading Midnight Blue
 F2483 - Midnight Blue
Dark blue gray
more blue than
Loading Wedgewood Blue
 F5601 - Wedgewood Blue
Dark blue gray
more gray than
Loading Navy...
 F5046 - Navy
Very dark neutral blue
Loading Blue Black
 F21 - Blue Black
Darkest blue almost black
Loading Turquoise
F20 - Turquoise

Retro bright blue green
like the 1950's shade

Loading Azure Green...
 F5082 - Azure Green
Medium blue green
with a gray cast
Loading Shamrock Green...
 F5 - Shamrock Green
Medium blue green
 more green than blue
with a hint of yellow
Loading Teal...
F5119 - Teal
Medium blue green
a true Teal
Loading Evergreen...
 F5025 - Evergreen
Darkest blue green
with a slight yellow cast
Loading Willow...
 F2401 - Willow
Dark blue green
darker and more blue
than F5025
Loading Dark Green...
F14 - Dark Green
Dark yellow gray green
Loading Forest Green...
F4701 - Forest Green
Dark yellow green
with a bit of blue
Loading Crocus Violet...
 F19 - Crocus Violet
Medium dusty pink
Loading Purple...
 F2073-20 - Purple
Dusty purple
Loading Orchid Violet
F5522 - Orchid Violet

Dusty dark grayish purple

Loading Dove...
 F22 - Dove
Medium gray
Loading Onyx Black
 F2499 - Onyx Black
Very dark charcoal
Loading Black...
F5999 - Black

Basic black