Extra and Other Products You Might Be Interested In
 Color Flex Repair Compound - $24.95
1 - 6 oz bottle of Color Flex
1 - Sponge applicator
1 - Application tray

This is a top color coating only.
It will not fill cracks.

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Magic Mender leather repair compound  Repair Compound - $22.95
1.5 oz jar

Includes applicator

Requires a top coat of Color-Flex to make your repair invisible
Will not work on seams. See Hints & Tips for tech tip regarding seams


Leather repair misc materials Misc. Materials Packet -  $12.95

4 - Sandpaper (3" x4")
4 - Sub-patch material (3" x4")
4 - Surface prep alcohol pads
1 - Foam sponge applicator

Returnable only if unused.
Magic Mender clear coat  Clear Coat - $15.95
6 oz. bottle

Choose a Clear Coat if the your finish is matte (dull) or high gloss (shiny).
Color-Flex by itself has a satin sheen finish
Additional applications of Clear Coat will give the surface added durability

Includes 1 foam sponge applicator
Available in Satin, Matte or High Gloss

Magic Mender spray grain  Spray Grain - $9.95
1 oz. bottle

Spray Grain takes away the smooth appearance, leaving your repaired area with a somewhat pebbly texture.

Returnable only if unused.

Leather repair fine mist sprayer "Fine Mist" Sprayer & Bottle- $2.95
1 oz. bottle

Finish your repair with a light spray coat to eliminate any brush marks. Adds a slight texture to the finish. Recommended only for final finish coat.

Simply apply our Color-Flex first with the foam sponge, then pour some into the bottle and spray a light finish coat.

Returnable only if unused.
Loading pigment...  Tinting Pigment - $8.95

These pure pigment colors are for those of you who want to create your own custom colors.  They are for tinting any of our premixed Color Flex colors but cannot not be used alone.

*Please be aware, if you decide to tint any of our other premixed colors they will not be returnable.

1 oz. bottle...a little goes a long way. 

Basic color mixing instructions pdf

   Click on the color chart fan to view colors (pop up window)

This item is NOT returnable