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Now you can use the exact same
leather repair products that the pros use!




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Complete Repair Kit


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Auto Seats
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Boat Seats

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The Truth About Leather and Vinyl Repair Kits.
Do I really need all this stuff?

Not all leather repair kits are created equal!  Contrary to what you may read on other web sites...most damage to leather or vinyl can be repaired with just a few simple products. Don't let yourself be dazzled by all of the different repair kits and products you may find.  All it really takes is a properly prepared surface, a professional quality repair compound and finish coating along with easy to understand instructions. Our leather repair kit contains all of that...everything you'll need to make repairs just like a pro, for a fraction of the cost.

Why waste your time or money on "As Seen on TV" or inferior leather repair kits from other web sites. Little jars of colored repair compound that you mix together are not what professionals use! Our products are professional quality, professional strength and guaranteed to work.

Our repair compound and Color-Flex are, without a doubt, the finest repair products you'll find!  Soft, flexible and incredibly durable....none of our products require sanding plus they are specially formulated to repair leather and vinyl. Other companies can't make that claim.

Developed by experts with over 32 years of hands-on experience, and used by professionals throughout the country, you can trust our products to be of the highest quality and to produce a far superior repair than any other leather repair products.

Works on the most common types of leather.
Top coated or protected leather.

Most leather furniture, auto interiors, clothing, shoes and the like are top coated or protected leather.
Make sure you have the kind of leather that's repairable.

We've Got Your Color!
Hundreds to choose from.
Colors are pre-mixed and ready to apply --- no messy mixing required. 

Basic Colors
A selection of common colors found on many leather and vinyl products.

Furniture Colors
Colors specifically formulated to match many popular furniture colors.

Automotive Colors
Colors specifically formulated to match auto manufacturers original colors.

See our leather and vinyl repair kit and color charts here

Incredibly easy to use.
Anyone can do it.

Simply clean the surface you're going to repair, apply our Magic Mender leather repair compound, let it dry...then brush or spray on our Color-Flex final color finish. It only takes about an hour from start to finish and when you're done you can expect a flexible, long lasting repair. 
See how leather repair is done.

With our repair kit, leather and vinyl repair really is easy to do, so we like to keep our kit simple too.  Our kit provides you with all the necessary items you will need to make most average kinds of repairs, without overwhelming you with non-essential extras.  We do offer spray grain and fine mist sprayers if you need them. As well as leather cleaner and conditioner to help you maintain your leather.  What about ink remover?  Plain old rubbing alcohol will remove it, no need for a fancy labeled product.

Whether you are repairing your auto upholstery, sofa, jacket, shoes or briefcase, with our repair kit you can achieve the same great results just like a pro.

So choose what the pros use...Magic Mender products.
For all your leather and vinyl repair needs!

Don't just take our word for it...
read what a few  of our happy customers have to say