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Leather Repair Kit & Restoration Products

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Widest Selection of Ready-Mixed Colors – Over 1500

Basic Colors Chart

Basic Colors are not formulated to match any specific item like our furniture and auto colors. You can use any of our colors on any leather or vinyl item and they can be intermixed to create your own custom color.

See the Basic Color Chart Here

Furniture Colors Chart

Furniture Colors are formulated to match many popular furniture colors. If you can’t find the color you need on this color chart, be sure to look at our Basic color chart as well.  Intermix to create your own custom color.

See the Furniture Colors Chart Here

Auto Colors Chart

Auto Colors…are are specially formulated to match manufacturer’s OEM colors. You can use any of our colors on any leather or vinyl item and they can be intermixed to create your own custom color.

See the Auto Colors Chart Here

Multiple Application Methods

Foam Brushes

The easiest and included in our kit

Airbrush or Preval Sprayer

Best Sellers

All-in-One Repair Kit

Our popular repair kit contains everything you’ll need to repair and recolor. Repair pet damage, cuts, tears and more…this kit can handle it all.
NO messy mixing required.

Our #1 seller.

Color Flex Finish
$26.95 – $42.95
Included in All-in -One Repair Kit

A  water-based color finish that dries quickly and looks and feels like the original surface. Superior coverage, highly flexible and scratch resistant.  Ready-mixed colors, simply apply.
Will not crack, peel, or flake.

Clear Coat Sheen/Sealer
$16.95 – $26.95

Use to change the sheen of the top surface or as an additional coat of protection.  Available in
Matte, Low Luster, Satin, High Gloss

Repair Compound
Included in All-in-One Repair Kit

A water based, urethane filler.
Permanently adheres to leather and vinyl.
Extremely durable
remains soft and flexible.
Will not crack, peel, or flake.

More About Our Products

No color mixing: Our colors are ready-mixed for you, no messy mixing.

Works on: Coated or Protected Leather, Coated Aniline Leather, Bi-Cast Leather, Bonded Leather and Vinyl (Please read our page “About Bonded Leather“)

Features: Water-based – Outstanding durability – Superior flexibility – Natural look and feel – Exceptional adhesion

Ease: Cleans up with water – Easy to use – No chemical smell

Repair: Pet damage – Wear – Fading – Cracking – Cuts – Tears – Cigarette burns and more

Before you Buy…Please read our page “Do Leather Repair Kits Really Work” so you know the truth about leather repair kits and what to be aware of.

The Big Question…Do leather repair kits really work?

Yes they do.  However, the Internet is so saturated with leather repair kits,  how are you to know which is the right one for you?    First, not all leather repair kits or companies that sell leather repair products are created equal.  There are really only a handful of companies on the Internet that specialize in professional leather repair kits and restoration products and of that handful, only a few that are actually in the leather repair trade and have experience in using them. The rest are just selling products.   Magic Mender is one of that few, with 42 years of experience; we are the most experienced and trusted.  Leather repair is our specialty.

Unfortunately, you may have already tried the  As-Seen-On-TV kits or Dollar Store type kits with poor results so you may be skeptical that any repair kit will work as it’s advertised.  You won’t be disappointed with your results when using our products.

Below are a few tips that we hope will help you make an informed decision.

 The real proof of how well a product performs will be evidenced by customer photos and reviews.  Choose a reputable company, one that has plenty of customer reviews and before and after photos. Not every customer is happy with their repair results, for whatever reason, so if you read 100 great reviews and 2 or 3 bad ones, keep that in perspective.

» Be sure you’re buying the right products for your project. Sure, those little jars of colored paste that you’ll find everywhere from Walmart to Ebay to Amazon will fix “some” minor damage. However, you have to ask yourself if you’ll be satisfied with a mediocre repair.  If not, save yourself the headache and purchase professional grade products.  Yes, they’ll cost you more, but in the long run, you’ll save time and you’ll actually be happy with the end results.

» Make sure you’re buying a “complete” repair kit and not just a coloring kit or a repair kit alone that requires you to purchase another separate kit to fully complete your repair.

» Compare what you are getting in the kit and expected coverage.  No one wants to spend any more than they have to, but be aware that many companies will offer an inexpensive kit to get you to buy their product but, it may only be sufficient to repair a total area of 3 inches x 3 inches, about the size of tennis ball.  If you want to repair or recolor a decent area you’ll need to move up to the more (realistic) expensive size.  We’ve seen claims that a 4 oz bottle of color will cover 25 sq ft (3 coats).  That’s a bit of  a stretch…a big stretch.  We’ve tested our highly pigmented 5.1 oz bottle and the coverage is approximately 14 sq ft. (1 coat). That is a realistic area of coverage.  You can read more about coverage on each of our product pages.

» Be wary of any company’s repair instructions that make light of the cleaning process before you start your project. We’ve seen so many repair videos that pretty much leave this step out or they spray a quick shot of some homemade cleaner on the surface to convince you that this step isn’t that important.  For any repair product to work properly and to last, the surface must be cleaned with an appropriate cleaner that prepares the surface properly.

» Contrary to what you might read elsewhere, please don’t waste your time with hardware store or cheap “quick fixes” for repairing leather. They generally do not work and may create a bigger problem than you started with.  Never use Super Glue on the surface of leather.  It dries hard and will simply crack and there’s no way of removing it without destroying the leather.  It is fine to use on seams though and in some cases the flap created by cat claws.

» Try not to get overwhelmed or convinced that you need 10 different products to achieve a good repair. Leather repair is not rocket science; it’s fairly simple.  If you find a seller that offers a zillion different kits for different applications, keep in mind, the repair and recoloring process is the same for all leather items.  It doesn’t take a “special” kit to repair cat damage than it does to repair a cigarette burn. Look at the basic repair process and decide if all the additional products are beneficial to your repair or restoration project.

» Unless you’re buying aniline dye, the surface restoration products you commonly see now days are not dyes. They are water based urethane finishes.  Please don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re dying your leather by this misuse of that term.

»  Be cautious of what you read on blogs and bulletin boards.  While leather repair is fairly easy to do, too many amateurs think they know more than professionals and they offer information and tips on how to repair leather that is not always the best advice.  If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

These are just a few examples to help you make the best choice for you leather repair project.  Of course, we hope you’ll choose Magic Mender.

Can bonded leather be repaired?

Yes it can!  Finally a solution to extend the life of your item and save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Using our leather repair products you can extend the life of the item much longer than if you do nothing.  However,  you need to understand what bonded leather is so you won’t be disappointed if your leather continues to peel.  Please see our “About Bonded Leather” page for the full story.

The latest technology and NO color mixing required…

Our products are formulated for the professional leather repair trade and are the exact same products that your local professional would use. Developed by experts with years of hands-on experience, and used by professionals throughout the US and the world, you can trust our products to be first-rate and of the highest quality. They will give you a far superior repair than any “bargain brand” leather repair kit that you might find elsewhere. Best of all…you don’t have to mix your own color, we do that for you, that is unless you want to mix your own custom colors.

Anyone can do it…

We’ve made it easy for you to make your own repairs by packaging the essential products you’ll need in a convenient, easy to use DIY kit which also includes easy to understand instructions, written by a pro.

Simply clean the surface, apply our Magic Mender leather repair compound, let it dry, then sponge, brush, wipe or spray on our Color Flex final color finish. It only takes about an hour from start to finish and when you’re done you can expect a flexible, long lasting repair.

Whether you are repairing your furniture, auto upholstery, jacket, shoes or briefcase, with our repair kit you can achieve the same great results just like a pro.

Not a problem with our premixed colors…

Probably the most difficult step in leather repair is matching the color to your item. You avoid that headache using our ready-mixed colors. Even if the color isn’t exact, when using our Color Flex you have the flexibility of blending the color into the surrounding area, making the repair invisible or at the very least, less noticeable. This is a time-tested painter’s trick. If you need a custom color, you can always create your own by mixing any of our Color Flex colors together or by using our tinting pigments.

Over 1500 colors to choose from!

Basic Colors: Commonly found on many leather and vinyl products

Furniture Colors: Specially formulated to match popular furniture colors

Auto Colors: Specially formulated to match domestic and import manufacturers OEM colors

A Few Reviews

Review From: Susie

I do not have before and after photos. No one would believe it anyway. This product is absolutely amazing. The cushions on our 20 year old Natusi leather couch were terribly worn. We were going to buy new furniture or try to take the leather from a matching chair and reupholster the cushions. I found your product on the Internet and thought I would give it a try.
The couch looks brand new. Unbelievable. The color was a perfect match. I do not know how this will wear but it certainly looks fantastic.

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Review From: Randy Hoexter

I ordered Color Flex to refinish my 2008 Infiniti EX35 steering wheel. I bought the car used, and the leather was worn, discolored and sticky. It is a light color, so all the imperfections were very obvious as dark spots and loss of luster.
I looked up the OEM color using your online tools, followed the instructions, and after 3 light coats, applied about 15 minutes apart, the wheel looks and feels like new. It looked good and was usable after about an hour, but after curing for 24 hours, it looks even better; nearly indistinguishable from the factory leather color and texture.
I had no idea this would be so easy. This product delivers exactly what is promised. Thanks for a great experience.

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Randy Hoexter Atlanta, GA

Review From: Grip Singh

I have a 2000 Lexus GS400. I found the Lexus-Dark Taupe #13 was nearly a perfect match for my steering wheel and gear shift knob. Red circles indicate damage. Sorry no before pic of the gear shift knob but trust me, it was worse than the wheel. I used the touch up kit and just painted the whole steering wheel and gear shift knob. I still have 95% of the bottle left. I'll be ordering up some more to do my wife's 2002 GMC Yukon beige seats.
 | Before 1 | After 1 | Before 2 | After 2

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Grip Singh

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