Do-it-Yourself Leather Repair Kit
Our leather repair kit is the easiest to use just...
Clean - Repair - Recolor

(No mixing required)


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All-in-One Repair Kit
Our popular DIY repair kit contains everything you'll need for most common types of damage. NO messy mixing required. Works on coated leather, bonded leather and vinyl too.  

Color Flex
$26.95 - $45.95
A specially formulated, water based urethane tinted coating that dries quickly and feels like the original surface. Available in two sizes. Premixed and ready to apply.

Clear Top Coat
$16.95 – $28.95
Use to change the sheen of the top surface or for added durability.  
Easy to apply right over our Color Flex. 
Available in Satin, High Gloss and Matte.

Repair Compound
A water based, urethane filler. Permanently adheres to leather and vinyl. Extremely durable, remains soft and flexible.


More About Our Products


The truth about leather and vinyl repair kits 
You've seen them... 

The dazzling "as seen on TV" commercials or Internet infomercials, they make it look like those little jars of colored paste can fix just about any kind of damage in a matter of minutes. You might notice how you never really get a good long look at their before and after photos. 

Honestly....few repairs are as easy as these ads would like you to believe. Based on our 41 years of leather and vinyl repair experience, most repairs require a bit more finesse and most importantly, you need professional grade products to achieve professional quality results.

Extremely easy to use

Anyone can do it...

We've made it easy for you to make your own repairs by packaging the essential products you'll need in a convenient, easy to use DIY kit which also includes easy to understand instructions, written by a pro.

Simply clean the surface, apply our Magic Mender leather repair compound, let it dry, then sponge, brush, wipe or spray on our Color-Flex final color finish. It only takes about an hour from start to finish and when you're done you can expect a flexible, long lasting repair.

Whether you are repairing your furniture, auto upholstery, jacket, shoes or briefcase, with our repair kit you can achieve the same great results just like a pro.


What about color matching?
Not a problem with our premixed colors...

Probably the most difficult step in leather or vinyl repair is matching the color to your item. You avoid that headache using our pre-mixed colors. Even if the color isn't exact, when using our Color Flex you have the flexibility of blending the color into the surrounding area, making the repair invisible or at the very least, less noticeable. This is a time-tested painter's trick. If you need a custom color, you can always create your own by mixing any of our Color Flex colors together or by using our tinting pigments.

What sets us apart from the others?
The latest technology and NO color mixing required...

Our products are formulated for the professional leather repair trade and are the exact same products that your local professional would use. Developed by experts with years of hands-on experience, and used by professionals throughout the US and the world, you can trust our products to be first-rate and of the highest quality. They will give you a far superior repair than any "bargain brand" leather repair kit that you might find elsewhere. Best of don't have to mix your own color, we do that for you, that is unless you want to mix your own custom colors.

Product Qualities

Below are just a few...

No color mixing: Our colors are pre-mixed for you, no messy mixing.

Works on: Coated or Protected Leather, Coated Aniline Leather, Bi-Cast Leather, Bonded Leather and Vinyl (Please read our page "About Bonded Leather")

Features: Water-based - Outstanding durability - Superior flexibility - Natural look and feel - Exceptional adhesion

Ease: Cleans up with water - Easy to use - No chemical smell

Repair: Pet damage - Wear - Fading - Cracking - Cuts - Tears - Cigarette burns and more



We've got your color
Over 1500 to choose from!

Basic Colors: Commonly found on many leather and vinyl products

Furniture Colors: Specially formulated to match popular furniture colors

Auto Colors: Specially formulated to match domestic and import manufacturers OEM colors