Basic Colors Chart

Makes any item look like new again!


Basic Colors are not formulated to match any specific item like our furniture and auto colors. You can use any of our colors on any leather or vinyl item and they can be intermixed to create your own custom color.

Recolor: Stains, scuffs, faded and worn areas..even change colors on shoes, purses and more.

Suitable for Use On: Furniture, auto interiors, shoes, purses, briefcases, equestrian leather and much more!

Safe for Use On: Vinyl and all leather except for suede or Nubuck.

These products are available in Basic Colors


All-in-One Repair Kit


Color Flex


Important information.   Please read.

Please see our Help Selecting Color page before choosing your color.

While we make every effort to represent accurate color swatches on our website, we cannot guarantee that the color you choose will match your item .  

Color selection is ultimately the responsibility of the customer as is the end result of your repairs.

Colors charts are not printable; the colors will not print accurately.

Not sure what color you need?  Why not order a few sample swatches? 

 Mouse over the color swatch (or tap on it if you have a touch screen) to see the description of the color. 

Pure white like a piece of paper
Medium bone white
Dark bone white with a very slight green tint
Light to medium taupe
Medium dark taupe
Light to medium gray. Ever so slight red tint.
Medium gray, ever so slight red tint.
Dark gray
Dark charcoal
Darkest black and shinier than #110
Medium creamy beige with a yellow tone
Light tan
Deep medium tan slightly orangish
Dark golden tan
Medium cocoa gray brown
Medium chocolate milk
Basic medium brown
Dark gray brown
Neutral dark brown
Bright yellow
More of a bright yellowish orange
Bright orange
Medium dusty red
Brightest red
Medium bright red
Deep red
Dark red blue
Very dark burgundy
Medium green
Darkest green
Bright medium blue
Medium blue slight gray
Dark blue
True royal purple