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*  Color Flex will not fill cracks.

* Surface should be cleaned with Presto Prep Cleaner before application for best adhesion.


Two Sizes:
5 oz /150 ml – $26.95
10 oz /300 ml – $45.95 – Save 15%

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Makes any item look like new again!

Ready-mixed, simply apply. Color Flex is a specially formulated, water based finish that dries quickly, looks and feels like the original surface; just like the new finish coatings that furniture, clothing and automotive manufacturers use on their leather. Dries into a flexible low luster finish in about 15 minutes. Highly flexible and scratch resistant. Will not crack, peel, or flake. Color Flex will hide minor imperfections but it will not fill cracks. Only our repair compound can do that.

Recolor: Stains, scuffs, faded and worn areas..even change colors.

Suitable for Use On: Furniture, auto interiors, shoes, purses, briefcases, equestrian leather and much more!

Safe for Use On: Vinyl and all leather except for suede or Nubuck.

1 – Color Flex Finish (low luster finish) – Bottle contains (5 oz /150ml) or (10 oz /300 ml)
1 – Foam sponge applicator
1 – Disposable paint tray


Estimating coverage can be tricky.  Much depends on the condition of the surface the Color Flex is being applied to and the color itself.  For most small projects our 5.1 bottle is more than sufficient.   A good comparison that most people would be familiar with: A typical 12 oz aerosol can holds approximately 3.4 oz of color, the rest is solvent and propellant.

Lighter colors (colors that contain white) will cover better than colors that contain more transparent tints like red.  Shades of red typically require more applications.  We double the tint base to combat that but please be aware that shades of red may not cover as well as the stated areas below.

One 5.1 oz bottle of Color Flex 
Same color or similar – 1 coat covers approximately 14 sq ft – or two front seats of a car or one large arm chair
Change color –  2 coats covers approximately 7 sq ft

One 10.1 oz bottle of Color Flex 
Same color or similar – 1 coat covers approximately 28 sq ft – or four seats of a car or one small sofa
Change color –  2 coats covers approximately 14 sq ft

Shelf Life:

Store in a cool, dark place with the lid tightly fastened.  Make sure that the edge of the container is clean and free of any debris. Stored properly, Color Flex should last for several years without degrading.  If it thickens, you can add some Clear Coat to it to bring it back to its normal consistency.