Please Read Before You Contact Us

Please read our How to select your color page.  This page offers guidance in selecting the right color for your particular project. It also contains a VIN (vehicle identification number) decoder that will provide you with the color that was used in your vehicle. Once you have that information, all you need to do is go to our Auto color chart page, select your “make” then “model” and click on “search”.  If you can’t find the color on our color charts, then we don’t have it. Sorry, but the Magic Mender support staff cannot select your color for you.  We can tell you if the damage you have is repairable based on a photo, but we cannot determine or help you choose a color based on a photo.

Sorry, but no we can’t. There are too many variables to take into account when dealing with photos that alter what the true color looks like. Examples would be the lighting, or even the settings on your camera. Lighting is usually the biggest problem. Please do not ask us to choose an auto color for you but instead please locate your color from our auto color charts based upon your make and model.

Sorry, but no we don’t.  Custom matching requires a considerable amount of time and with the huge volume of regular orders we receive, we simply are no longer able to offer this service. However…if you would like to create your own custom color, you can easily intermix our Color Flex to achieve any color you’d like.

Please see “My Account” located in the upper right hand corner of our menu, for all your order information.

Payment received, order is  awaiting  fulfillment. Due to the volume of orders we receive your order may stay at this status for a day, two at most. We try to process orders as they are submitted, but that isn’t always possible.

An automated email containing your tracking information will be sent to you as your shipping label is printed. Your order is now complete and is on its way to you.

Orders placed before noon PST usually ship the same day, unless we’re extremely busy. In that case,  they ship the next business day. Once your order is ready to be shipped, you’ll receive an automated email containing your tracking number. If your order has not arrived 10 business days after you’ve received your tracking number, please contact us for a replacement. We insure all packages against loss however sufficient time must be allowed for mis-routed packages to be delivered before we will ship a replacement. It needs to be mentioned that we have no control over USPS delays or estimated delivery time.

Please see our Exchange Process page for US customers. Other countries, click here.

Be sure you read and understand our return policy before you return any products.  Please see our return  links in the menu under “Returns”.  There are separate forms for United States customers and for all other countries.

We can take your order by phone, however we use the same shopping cart system that you see online so there’s really no advantage.
If you experience any problems ordering, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We don’t accept mail orders.

Please sure to read our FAQ page and our Hints &Tips page. Both are filled with answers to many questions you may have.

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