International Exchange/Return

Exchange up to 30 days from original delivery date

We’re sorry but our “exchange process” is only available within the United States.  Other countries need to fill out this form and send the color you’re exchanging along with the completed form.  As soon as we receive your package, we will process it and send you a “Pay Now” link for the return shipping cost.

The following conditions must be adhered to

     » If you’ve used the product contents past the line as shown in the photo above, it will not be exchangeable or returnable.

     » Complete kits are NOT exchangeable only Color Flex is.

     » Return only the bottle of Color Flex for exchange.  We’ll return your original products, not replacements (used or unused) if you send them with your exchange.

        » Acceptable exchanges are for “similar” colors only. Example: Charcoal for Black, NOT Charcoal for Red.


Color Flex must be returned in resalable condition.

1. Be sure to place the bottle cap on securely but not too tightly.

2. Make sure the original liner is still intact or the bottle will definitely leak and you won’t be eligible for an exchange or a refund if it does.

3. Place in a zip lock bag so that if it does leak it will be contained within the plastic bag.

If you do not follow this process and the color leaks, it will not be resalable, we will not be able to exchange it for you and you will not be eligible for a refund.

PLEASE follow the instructions.

PLEASE do not send us samples for us to match.  We’re sorry, but we don’t offer that service.