Frequently Asked Questions

No they are not.  You’ve probably seen the kits with little jars of colored paste or little bottles of colorant that you have to mix together. While these kinds of products may work for some very minor damage, based on our 45 years of leather and vinyl repair experience, we’re skeptical that they will provide you with a long lasting, invisible repair as claimed. We’ve tested a few and let’s just say our results were much less satisfactory than what was advertised.

There are solvent based products available but those are meant strictly for vinyl repair. Solvent based products are not suitable for leather.  However, water based products are suitable for leather and vinyl.

Professionals use products like ours that are water based. Quality repairs require a two step process of using a professional repair compound and a top color coat. Repairs may also require a sub-patch material to strengthen the repair; our kit includes this material. With our Color Flex you have the ability to blend the color into the surrounding area, in the event that the color doesn’t match perfectly. You can’t do that with those little jars of colored paste.

Please see our dedicated page “Do Leather Repair Kits Really Work?” It covers some of the differences between leather repair kits and tips to help you choose the best kit for your project.

Absolutely not! The worst that can happen is applying too much of either the repair compound or Color Flex. Both can be removed by using Magic Mender Presto Prep and good paper towels like Bounty. Yes, it’s a little messy but can be done. Once removed you can try again, this time using less of the product. If you choose not to continue, you’ll need to condition the leather because the Presto Prep will also remove the oil in the leather making it look like it has a film or a milky look to it. A good conditioning will take care of that.

Estimating coverage can be tricky.  Much depends on the condition of the surface the Color Flex is being applied to and the color itself.  For most small projects our 5.1 bottle is more than sufficient.  Lighter colors (colors that contain white) will cover better than colors that contain more transparent tints like red.  Shades of red typically require more applications.  We double the tint base to combat that but please be aware that shades of red may not cover as well as the stated areas below.

One 5.1 oz bottle of Color Flex 
Same color or similar – 1 coat covers approximately 14 sq ft – or two front seats of a car or one large arm chair
Change color –  2 coats covers approximately 7 sq ft

One 10.1 oz bottle of Color Flex 
Same color or similar – 1 coat covers approximately 28 sq ft – or four seats of a car or one small sofa
Change color –  2 coats covers approximately 14 sq ft

Magic Mender repair compound is a special water based, urethane filler. It spreads like soft margarine. It dries naturally, or drying time can be accelerated by using a blow dryer. When dry, it permanently adheres to leather and vinyl. Our repair compound is extremely durable and remains soft and flexible, giving your repair the natural feel and appearance of the original surface. Cleans up with soap and water or Presto Prep.

Color Flex is specially formulated, water based urethane color finish coating that dries quickly and feels like the original surface. Very similar to the new finish coatings that furniture, clothing and automotive manufacturers use on their leather. When applied properly, Color Flex dries into a flexible satin finish in about 15 minutes. Color Flex can be applied with a sponge, foam brush, a sprayer, or it can wiped on. It is extremely durable and remains soft and flexible. Color Flex is applied as the color finish top coat over your repair. Cleans up with soap and water.

Presto Prep is a specialty cleaner  that safely removes any previous conditioners as well as body oils and dirt. It actually slightly softens the surface, allowing our Color Flex to adhere properly. Will remove ink stains too!

Presto Prep is also used to smooth out our repair compound.  Just like sanding but without the sand paper.

The sub-patch material is a mesh fabric that is applied on the back side or underneath the leather where you might have a hole or tear. The size is 2-3/4″ x 4-1/2″ and it can be cut into strips or whatever shape you prefer. When using the sub-patch material, we recommend that you cut it at least 1/2″ larger than the hole or cut that you’ll be repairing. It stays in place by using the repair compound as the adhesive.

Spray Grain is a water base simulated texture spray. Repairs don’t require this, but if you simply want to have a textured effect, you would use Spray Grain prior to applying Color-Flex. Spray Grain gives a pebbly effect, and takes away the smooth appearance.

Not necessarily. If you like a satin finish, you’re all set.

  • If the original surface has no sheen, you’d need our Matte Clear Coat
  • If it has a low luster sheen, then you’d need our Low Luster Clear Coat
  • If it has a really shiny sheen, then you’d need our High Gloss Clear Coat

Clear Coat Sheen – Protectant can also be applied as a top coat for added durability.  Please see our Clear Coat Sheen – Protectant page to see examples.

The average repair takes about an hour from start to finish. It depends upon the environmental conditions in which you are working. We recommend that you work in a well lit area, preferably outside. The ideal temperature would be between 75-85 degrees . The warmer the conditions the faster repair compound will cure and the Color-Flex will dry. If it is cold, you can accelerate the drying process by using a blow dryer. You will be able to use your repaired item as soon as it is dry, however, complete curing takes about 24 hours.

Yes. Magic Mender repair compound is formulated to bond to leather and vinyl. Our Color-Flex, will wear just the same as the original color coating. Just how long it will last, depends on how much wear is inflicted upon the repair, and how well you take care of the item.

Please note, it’s imperative that the surface you start with is clean…really clean. Otherwise you run the risk of improper adhesion and you may find that our products won’t adhere to the surface like they should. Clean first with liquid soap and water. Really scrub and rinse with clean water, followed by a good cleaning with Magic Mender Presto Prep.

Yes! The repair compound and Color-Flex that comes with your kit, are the exact same products that we used in our daily repair business. We have been using them for years, with fabulous results. As long as you follow the included instructions, you’ll obtain the same results that we do — professional!

Our kits are incredibly easy to use. Really! Even if you make a mistake on your first try…not to worry! The worst mistake you could make would be applying too much repair compound. That’s easily remedied by simply wiping the surface with Presto Prep until it is smooth. Because we mix the colors for you, you don’t have to worry about trying to get it right by mixing them yourself. Even though we do this daily, it’s still the most difficult step of leather and vinyl repair.

Yes you can! Our Color Flex  is a highly pigmented finish that will allow you to change the color of pretty much any leather or vinyl item. Over time you’ll need to touch up the color but that’s easy to do. Just give the surface a light cleaning with Presto Prep then follow with another application of Color Flex. The easiest form of application is with a sponge. There’s no overspray and using a sponge makes it easy to get into the nooks and crannies. Of course you can also use an airbrush or even an aerosol sprayer like a Preval Sprayer. We highly recommend that you add a bottle of Crosslink to any project where you are changing color. It really improves adhesion to the leather or vinyl. Please be aware, any time you change color,  you will likely need to touch-up occasionally.

Sorry, but no we can’t. There are too many variables to take into account when dealing with photos that alter what the true color looks like. Examples would be the lighting, or even the settings on your camera. Lighting is usually the biggest problem.

No special cleaners or conditioner are required after you make your repairs, however you should not use any cleaner that contains ammonia or solvents. If you use a cleaner with a solvent, it can possibly have a chemical reaction with the Color Flex that may soften it leaving it feeling tacky to the touch. We recommend that you only use our Cleaner/Conditioner or liquid soap and water for cleaning.

Do not use vinyl conditioners on leather or any products that contain silicone.

If you are having difficulties, please let us know so we can help. The odds are, you won’t need it! We’re telling you the truth when we say that these kits are incredibly easy to use. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help.