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Leather Repair Kit

No mixing required
Our highly rated leather repair kit contains everything you’ll need to repair and recolor. Repair pet damage, fading, wear, cuts, tears and more…this kit can handle it all.  Enough for several repairs.

Color Flex Finish
$28.95 – $51.95 

A  water-based color finish that dries quickly and looks and feels like the original surface. Superior coverage, highly flexible and scratch resistant.  Ready-mixed, just apply. Will not crack, peel, or flake.

Repair Compound

A water based, urethane filler. Permanently adheres to leather and vinyl. Extremely durable, remains soft and flexible.  Will not crack.

Leather Repair Kit - Clear Coat

Clear Coat Sheen
$16.95 – $28.95 

A specially formulated, water based clear finish. It’s used to change the sheen of our Color Flex which has a “satin” finish.  Can be used as a protectant if you want added durability without adding more color to the surface.  Available in four finishes.

Presto Prep Cleaner
$11.95 – $21.95

A must-have if you plan on repairing or recoloring a large area. Deep cleans and prepares the surface for our repair compound and Color Flex.
Stronger cleaner than our alcohol towels.

Magic Glaze Finish

A translucent color top finish that allows you to achieve that two-tone or mottled look, which is not possible if you just use our Color Flex finish alone.

Spray Grain

Spray Grain hides the smooth appearance of the repair compound leaving your repair with a somewhat pebbly texture.

Super Crosslink

A super concentrated additive that dramatically improves adhesion to leather and vinyl colors. Improves drying time of coatings. Highly recommended if changing color.

Color Flex Finish Sample Size

$5.99/3 colors

Order actual Color Flex Finish in 1/4 oz bottles – enough for testing purposes.
Can be used as a tint as well.

$3.00/set of three

Best for larger areas like chairs, sofas, auto interiors.  Reusable if washed right after use.


Foam Brushes
$3.00/set of three

Best for tight areas and small items like purses, shoes, etc.