Magic Glaze

Magic Glaze


5.1 oz /150 ml

A translucent color top coat that allows you to achieve that two-tone or mottled look.

Available in 4 shades: Black – Brown – Henna – Pecan

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Is your leather a two-tone color? For a proper color match, you’ll need a bottle of our Color Flex and a bottle of our Magic Glaze.
This technique cannot be achieved using just our Color Flex colorant alone.

Magic Glaze must be applied over a lighter base color of Color Flex as shown in the examples below.


1 – Magic Glaze – Bottle contains (5.1 oz /150 ml)

1 – Sponge

1 – Paint Tray


It’s really easy to do:

1. Start with a clean surface using Presto Prep Cleaner.

2. Apply the light base coat color (choose from any of our Color Flex colors). Allow the base color to completely dry.

3. Apply Magic Glaze sparingly in a random pattern. By randomly applying the glaze, the color will become lighter and darker in areas, which is what you want. The more you apply, the darker the glaze will become. Just be careful not to apply too much in one area, otherwise you’ll loose the two-tone effect and you’ll need to start over with the light base coat.

Note:  In the event that you are not satisfied with your results, our products can be safely removed with Presto Prep or rubbing alcohol.

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Magic Glaze Colors

Black, Brown, Henna, Pecan