Color Flex – Quick Order

*Colorflex will not fill cracks

$26.95 - $45.95

Two Sizes:
5 oz /150 ml - $26.95
10 oz /300 ml - $45.95 - Save 15%

Color Flex is a specially formulated, water based urethane color coating that dries quickly and feels like the original surface. Very similar to the new finish coatings that furniture, clothing and automotive manufacturers use on their leather. When applied properly, Color Flex dries into a flexible satin finish in about 15 minutes. Color Flex alone will not fill cracks. Only our repair compound can do that.

1 - Color Flex Colorant (satin finish) - Bottle contains (5 oz /150 ml or 10 oz /300 ml)
1 - Presto Prep - Bottle contains (2 oz/59 ml)
1 - Foam sponge applicator
1 - Disposable paint tray

Methods of Application:
Color Flex can be applied with a sponge, foam brush, ultra hi density foam roller, air gun sprayer, air brush, Preval sprayer or it can wiped on. It is extremely durable and remains soft and flexible.  Cleans up with soap and water.

1. First, and probably the most important step is to clean the surface. It must be clean, clean, clean. Clean first with liquid dish soap and water, using a wash cloth or terry cloth towel just as if you were washing your face. Be sure to wring it out first. You want it damp, not sopping wet. Then rinse with clear water in the same manner. Allow the surface to completely dry.

2. Now clean the surface again this time using Presto Prep Cleaner. It actually slightly softens the surface, allowing our Color Flex to adhere properly. Allow it to dry. Now you're ready to apply the Color Flex.

3. Wet sponge with water first and wring out really well so that the sponge is damp, not wet.

4. Pour Color Flex into the plastic tray

5. Dip the sponge into the Color Flex making sure that the sponge is wet, not dripping, but wet. Dab it on a paper towel or a piece of paper a couple of times so that the first application is not too wet. (Watch our repair video at mark 3:04 to see how the tech does this.)

6. Apply by wiping the Color Flex using a "brush" stroke as if you were using a paint brush. Dry with a blow dryer or let air dry.
Always make sure that each coat is completely dry before applying another one.

7. Apply next coat by dabbing the Color Flex in a random pattern. This will hide any brush strokes left by the first application. You can repeat this steps as many as 5 times but we don't recommend any more applications than that.

Note: In the event that you are not satisfied with your results, our products can be safely removed with Presto Prep or rubbing alcohol.

Spray on Method using a Preval Sprayer
If you choose the spray on method, the Preval Aerosol Sprayer unit will screw right on to the Color Flex bottle. Sorry we don't sell Preval Sprayers because they can't be shipped by air. You can find them at most hardware stores or on