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$1.00 ea – Minimum order is 3 
Please limit your selections to 12 swatches
Sample swatches are not returnable
See "Color Charts" links in the menu above to obtain color numbers.

Free postage Worldwide

Available in Basic and Furniture colors ONLY


We now offer sample swatches of the actual color…not a printed color or photo of it, the real thing.  No more guessing what color will match.  

Each sample swatch is 2″x 4″.  

Select your choices below.  

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Sample Book


Save 50% on sample swatches by ordering our Sample Book. 
Includes all of our Basic Colors and Furniture Colors in an 8" x 9-1/2" leatherette binder.

Each swatch is behind a clear protective sleeve.  
Swatches are removable for comparison.