• Leather Repair Kit, Vinyl Repair Kit

    NO Mixing Required

    Repair & Recolor. Our popular Leather Repair Kit contains everything you’ll need. All you need to do is choose your color.  Standard Colors    Auto Colors See tabs below for complete product detail
  • Color Flex Finish


    Available in two sizes: 5 oz /150 ml or 10 oz /300 ml The 10 oz size is NOT Returnable or Exchangeable. If you're not sure of the color you need, please order the 5 oz size. Ready-mixed and ready to apply.  All you need to do is choose your color.

      Standard Colors    Auto Colors
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  • Order actual Color Flex Finish in 1/4 oz bottles - enough for testing purposes. Can be used as a tint as well. Adjusted colors are not returnable. 1-3 bottles ($5.99/3)  NOTE:  The price is the same for 1 bottle as it is for 3 See color charts for color numbers and names. This item is NOT returnable  Standard Colors or Tinting ColorsAvailable ONLY in: Standard and Tinting colors NOT Auto colors Enter both COLOR NUMBER and COLOR NAME
  • Two Sizes: 5 oz /150 ml – $16.95 10 oz /300 ml – $28.95 – SaveSee tabs below for further information
  • Presto Prep Cleaner

    Two Sizes: Small – 5 oz /150 ml – $11.95 Large – 10 oz /300 ml – $21.95 – Savemust-have if you plan on repairing or recoloring a large area or if you are just recoloring. Removes ink stains too!
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  • 5.1 oz /150 mlA translucent color top coat that allows you to achieve that two-tone or mottled look.Available in 4 shades: Black – Brown – Henna – Pecan
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  • Repair cuts, scratches, pet damage, tears, holes, creased or cracked leather, works on vinyl too.*Must be top coated with Color Flex.*Not for repairing seams. See Hints & Tips for tech tip regarding seams.See tabs below for further information.
  • Size – 2 oz /59 ml – Spray bottle

    Returnable only if unused
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    Spray Grain hides the smooth appearance of the repair, leaving it with a somewhat pebbly texture.  Clear spray grain is used for fine to medium texture on leather or vinyl.


    1 – Spray Grain – Bottle contains  (2 oz /59 ml )


    For best results, use Spray Grain just before the last application of Color Flex. Use sparingly otherwise you’ll lose the grain/pebble effect. Can be lightly sanded with 600 grit sandpaper prior to final application of Color Flex.
  • Size – .0625 oz / 2 dramHighly recommended if you are changing color.This item is not returnable.
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  • Extra palette knives 3/pkgReturnable only if unused
  • Extra sponges 3/pkgReturnable only if unused
  • Foam Brushes 3/pkgReturnable only if unused