• Leather Repair Kit, Vinyl Repair Kit

    NO Mixing Required

    Repair & Recolor. Our popular Leather Repair Kit contains everything you’ll need. All you need to do is choose your color.  Standard Colors    Auto Colors See tabs below for complete product detail
  • Color Flex Finish


    Available in two sizes: 5 oz /150 ml or 10 oz /300 ml

    If you're not sure of the color you need, please order the 5 oz size or the sample size. The 10 oz size is NOT Returnable or ExchangeableNO EXCEPTIONS. If you order it and send it back, we will NOT return it or credit your account. Ready-mixed and ready to apply.  All you need to do is choose your color.  Standard Colors    Auto Colors
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  • Order actual Color Flex Finish in 1/4 oz bottles - enough for testing purposes. Can be used as a tint as well. Adjusted colors are not returnable. 1-3 bottles ($5.99/3)  NOTE:  The price is the same for 1 bottle as it is for 3 See color charts for color numbers and names. This item is NOT returnable  Standard Colors or Tinting ColorsAvailable ONLY in: Standard and Tinting colors NOT Auto colors Enter both COLOR NUMBER and COLOR NAME
  • Two Sizes: 5 oz /150 ml – $16.95 10 oz /300 ml – $28.95 – SaveSee tabs below for further information
  • Presto Prep Cleaner

    Two Sizes: Small – 5 oz /150 ml – $11.95 Large – 10 oz /300 ml – $21.95 – Savemust-have if you plan on repairing or recoloring a large area or if you are just recoloring. Removes ink stains too!
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  • 5.1 oz /150 mlA translucent color top coat that allows you to achieve that two-tone or mottled look.Available in 4 shades: Black – Brown – Henna – Pecan
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  • Repair cuts, scratches, pet damage, tears, holes, creased or cracked leather, works on vinyl too.*Must be top coated with Color Flex.*Not for repairing seams. See Hints & Tips for tech tip regarding seams.This item is not returnable.See tabs below for further information.
  • Size – 2 oz /59 ml – Spray bottle

    Returnable only if unused
    See tabs below for further information


    Spray Grain hides the smooth appearance of the repair, leaving it with a somewhat pebbly texture.  Clear spray grain is used for fine to medium texture on leather or vinyl.


    1 – Spray Grain – Bottle contains  (2 oz /59 ml )


    For best results, use Spray Grain just before the last application of Color Flex. Use sparingly otherwise you’ll lose the grain/pebble effect. Can be lightly sanded with 600 grit sandpaper prior to final application of Color Flex.
  • Size – .0625 oz / 2 dramHighly recommended if you are changing color.This item is not returnable.
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  • Extra palette knives 3/pkgReturnable only if unused
  • Extra sponges 3/pkgReturnable only if unused
  • Foam Brushes 3/pkgReturnable only if unused