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Dear Magic Mender,

I wanted to take the time to say thank you for developing a product that is so easy to apply and the results are simply amazing!

My Magic Mender story started about four years ago when I needed to re-color some of the interior on my 2007 Porsche convertible. I bought it used and the dashboard and seats looked faded. Porsche said there was nothing that could be done to revive the interior. Well, they were wrong!  I searched and found your website, ordered the color flex from your easy to follow guide. My car looks brand new after applying your product. The color matched perfectly, too.  I brought it to the Porsche Dealership and showed them the interior. They were astonished how well it blended in with the rest of the interior.

Last month I borrowed my brother’s 1999 Benz. Since I had the car for a while, I detailed it and discovered how badly the seats had faded and their dog had put many scratches in the leather. Magic Mender to the rescue, again! The interior looks brand new, and my brother thought I had the seats re-upholstered. He was shocked when I told him about the product and spent $26.00.

Onto the tough job.

We have three leather Natuzzi brand matching couches in our family room that we purchased 21 years ago. The couches were in great mechanical condition, but with six of us sitting on them for so long, they looked absolutely terrible. We spend approximately $7,000.00 back then for the couches. My wife thought it would be best to replace the couches. I mentioned  your product and she was skeptical that it could help them in the condition they were in (many scratches, scuffs and fading).

I sent a sample of the leather to Magic Mender and crossed my fingers that they could help. I received an actual call-back and they matched it to the interior color from an older BMW color, who would have thought!  After prepping and coloring the seat bottoms and arm rests, our couches look BRAND NEW. The entire process took about eight hours because I applied five coats of the product. As usual, I followed the simply directions and used a hair dryer to speed things up. Thank you for saving me many thousands of dollars in not having to purchase a new set of couches, very thankful. My wife is amazed how new and fresh they look. This project cost us about $140.00. Not a bad return of investment!

Yours truly,

Norm R.

Lake Bluff, IL






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