Amazing Results

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Amazing Results

I researched and read lots of reviews on this and other products. My kit was delivered and I read the instructions. My furniture didn’t have any holes, however my dogs pads and worn lots of “bald spots” as well as scuff marks.
I couldn’t find anything on the website that mentions doing a color only repair. So I emailed customer service and waited. After sending another 2, I finally got an answer that I should only use the “paint”. The delay in getting a response is why I am only giving 4 stars.
Now on to the important part. It Amazing!! I really can’t believe how easy it was and that the finished product really makes my sofa and ottoman look like new! Seriously. No ideas why some people say it doesn’t work, but I promise it does!! I will recommend this to anyone!
I have attached the after pic, since I’m only allowed to upload one


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