Review From: Bill

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Review From: Bill

Very nice product. I refinished the leather seats in my Mustang GT Convertible and they look great! I had some pet damage (scratches and punctures) and normal wear spots & cracking. The color match (Ford Midnight Black) was just right. Materials provided were easy to work with, and I applied many thin coats of Color Flex with a foam brush. I then used the pump sprayer to blend it all together, taking great care to make sure the nozzle was always clean and putting out fine mist. I achieved the best results by applying Color Flex to the entire seating surface…then spraying on the finish coat to hide any streaking or uneven spots. When dry, I gave the seats a bath with Lexol Conditioner. The whole process took me a couple days, but you can not rush this type of project in order to achieve a fine quality finish. Thanks for your help.

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