Review From: Caroline O

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Review From: Caroline O

You guys are awesome!

When my husband and I first got married we decided on a black leather couch and arm chair specifically because we had an indoor cat. We figured that it would collect less fur and that when we had a child marks would show up less. To protect ourselves we even bought the expensive protection plan at the furniture store. Well almost five years later we’ve moved states and our couch looks a lot worse for the wear. We tried to get the furniture protection plan to cover the damage but no one told us that if we couldn’t find the original receipt they wouldn’t even talk to us! The plan is maintained by a third party company, so even though the store knew we were still covered we couldn’t get the other company to deal with us. I thought that all was lost. I resigned myself to the fact that we had bought a $1500 scratching post for the cat. I was embarrassed to have people sit on the sofa. But then I found your product. You can’t even see the damage!!! It literally disappeared!!! Thank you!!!!

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