Review From: Catherine Schoeneberg

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Review From: Catherine Schoeneberg

I had used alcohol to remove a permanent marker spot on our leather sofa and ended up with an area where the dye came off too. After spending a day reading on the internet about leather repair products, I decided to try Magic Mender. The testimonials and photos were helpful in making the decision. I waited a week to attempt the repair. I was worried it would look worse than it was, but as you can see the results were great. The sofa sits under a skylight, so any imperfections blare right out; the results had to be perfect. I’ve very pleased with your product. Because of the professional looking results, I don’t have to rearrange the living room, just to hide the affected seat. I found that using a thick, cotton sock to blend the product on, in very thin layers, proved to be a good technique. I devoted an hour to blending a small amount on, and waiting 5 min., layer, by layer, as the product label suggested. Thank you – informative website and wonderful product.
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