Review From: Chris Duluk

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Review From: Chris Duluk

Hi. I just wanted to say how good this stuff is! A while ago I purchased some ivory #375 for the leather in my Lexus rx300 and it worked great! Last week I noticed some wear on the steering wheel so I figured I’d try it out, but its the dash color. I called the dealer to which they stated the dash color was “sandalwood” but it didn’t match any of your references. So I took a guess and bought dark taupe #13. Well it’s a PERFECT match! If you want, you should audit the name to “sandalwood” for it seems this is what the dealer tells people. It matches 99-03 Lexus Rx300 and possibly other models? This info might help other customers in the future, just figured I’d tell you!
Thanks for making such a great product! FAST shipping too, I couldn’t believe it! I will DEFF. be doing business with you again soon!
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