Review From: Eddie Cedeno

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Review From: Eddie Cedeno

I just wanted to share with you my experience with your product.

I have a pair of Natuzzi leather sofa and chair which are 11 years old. The chair and sofa unfortunately had some bad scratch marks in the corners where a cat I once had took to them so badly it took the leather off very badly on the corners of them the sofa’s where good but I hated to look at the corners of them and had pretty much decided they are damaged and it’s time to replace them because I had tried other products which just made it look worst than they where before I used the product on them. But thanks to your product those two pieces look like brand new! I have never used any sort of fabric or leather repair product which was as easy and actually did exactly what it claims to do! You would think they where new ones or I had some professional do it and paid a big bill for it too. This by far has been one of my best purchases I have ever made!

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