Review From: Greg Szpaichler

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Review From: Greg Szpaichler

…here ya go. I AM TOTALLY A BELIEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Yep, never would have believed that your product could do what it did. This is a 10 year old pontoon boat that has seen it all. The main lounge was faded, ripped in areas and totally trashed by years of 6 foot tall giant fishermen abusing the crap outta a pretty nice boat. Every spring meant hours just cleaning for the season and then storing it for those thrown together weekend trips. it was always half done but as complete as necessary just to get on the water and unfortunately the boat looked it. When I ordered your product ,with your help in choosing the color, I never in a million years would have believed what was about to happen. This “POS” great pontoon fishing boat magically became brand new looking . And I am not kidding. BRAND NEW. If you get out the magnifying glass you can see some of the damage but from 3 feet it looks like it just came off the showroom floor. My $15,000.00 investment is now looking like a 25,000.00 investment. I still can’t believe it and I am in shock. It took me 2 full days of hard work but the payback is astounding. I could not be happier. Tomorrow morning I am restoring all the rest of it simply because your product gave it new hope. Gave it a life again and I am proud as a new papa to be able to take this beaten up tub and show it off as a workhorse of a boat that looks like it’s a few month old.
The only complaint I have is that the bottle was just shy about 2 ounces so I had to water it down to finish.. As for my luck I ran out on the lower portion of the lounge so no one is relay going to see it.
I really am in shock and disbelief. My boat is back and looking like a million bucks. My advice to anyone trying to renew is simple and you need to be very explicit in your instructions. GO SLOW; in fact slow is too fast, slow down, it’s worth every second of your time. I know cause I did the research. The lounge alone was going for 7 grand new out the door. Your 200.00 plus bucks saved me almost 6800.00 dollars and all it took was elbow grease and time. There is an old carpenters saying that says measure twice and then measure again before you do anything. This applies here also. Plan it out and learn as you go. The scariest part is in the drying; it actually went through 3 different color changers as it died down and each was scarier but just being patient and waiting was worth it. After washing her down I am gonna send you guys a picture because no one is gonna believe this is an 11year old boat. I am thrilled, and ecstatic. and mostly shocked.
Thank you guys for a great product and a special thanks to the person who helped me with the color blending help. For the extra 16 bucks for the additional brown and black I was able to dead on match the color of the upholstery and sit back and admire what I never and I mean never would have believed. Knowing that all I have to do is spend a couple hundred a year to keep this boat looking new is more than a miracle. THANK YOU , Thank you and Thank you. When all the pieces are back in and she’s been washed up no one is gonna believe this is a 10 plus year old boat.
You have my respect and appreciation for a reliable product. I hope it holds up to the sun but if I ever want to sell it I know exactly what to do to get it back in shape.
Thanks again a million times over.

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