Review From: Herb Hyman

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Review From: Herb Hyman


A visiting friend sat down on our 5 month old leather couch with a pen in his back trouser pocket. Wham! Blue ink all over one of the seat cushions of the couch. I attempted to remove the ink with rubbing alcohol-something I had read on the web. It removed the ink but also discolored the leather. I called in a professional. He wanted $200.00 to $400.00 to re-dye the couch. I went on the web and did a search for “leather repair kits”. Your company showed up in the search so I navigated to your site. One of the colors in your color chart looked like a perfect match. I ordered your basic kit and today finished the repair. THE COUCH LOOKS LIKE NEW! I am not kidding. I know your website says that “the repair may look like a repair”. But this exceeds all expectations. Thank you.

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