Review From: John DiLiddo

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Review From: John DiLiddo

Your instructions on repairing a leather steering wheel are nothing short of amazing! I followed the directions I received from your site to brush on instant krazy glue and use backing soda exactly as you recommended. Then I sanded the repair to a smooth finish . Today I painted on the magic mender colorflex leather and vinyl coating as instructed .: Toyota med oak 456 ( a perfect match by the way) and the results are a near perfect restoration of the steering wheel on my 1993 Toyota Camry. Toyota quoted me $ 800 to replace the steering wheel. I restored it thanks to you for less than $40. It was truly amazing. Thanks for the great instructions and support. Please use this as a customer testimonial. I only wish I had ” before” pictures to compare to the final result. If your other products work this well, no wonder you are the leaders in leather repair!

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