Review From: Lisa Davis

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Review From: Lisa Davis

I have two cats that decided to start scratching at my bonded leather couch. i needed it to be fixed cause it looked awful. i came across your product, and i wasn’t sure if it would work cause my couch was so torn up, but i felt like i had to try it since the other testimonials were really good. it was shipped in a reasonable time frame, and i found it easy to use. my couch looks fantastic now! i have attached a before and after photo.
my advice to other people though is it can be a bit time consuming, so be patient with it. also, because you are layering the compound over and over again, make sure it is even, because even with the sanding process, you cant take out ridges if it is uneven. it will show through after you apply the colour layer.
Thank you very much for you awesome product! i would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has had the misfortune of animal damage on their leather furniture.
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