Review From: Margie G

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Review From: Margie G

Our beautiful, new living room furniture was just delivered on Saturday from Ethan Allen. By the following Wednesday, one of our three cats had decided that the new leather recliner made a perfect scratching post and she had done so much damage that I was sick to my stomach. The cushion was torn up in all four corners and the armrests had large scratches and visible little holes in them. My husband and I were so upset — both with the cat and with ourselves for getting leather furniture given our choice of pets.

Anyway, in desperation, I did a search on the internet to see if there was any product that could help undo the damage. Like everyone else, I was skeptical about your product, but I figured I had nothing to lose. The chair already looked lousy. What a happy ending! The day your package arrived in the mail, I spent about 45 minutes working on the chair, and Voila! It looks terrific. Okay — it’s not straight-from the-factory perfect, but NOBODY would ever notice that there had been any damage done unless specifically pointed it out to them. It really looks great. I can look at the chair and smile again.

By the way, on the same day that I found your product on the internet, I found another product to solve my “kitty” problem. Given that many of your testimonials are from people who have had their furniture ruined by their cats, maybe you’ll let me pass along this website. I found a product called “Softpaws” — sold at — which are little acrylic tips that I’ve glued onto my cats claws so that they are no longer sharp. My “girls” have now been wearing them for 10 days and they work beautifully! Hopefully, the Softpaws will continue to keep my chair safe, and I now have peace of mind knowing that if they do somehow inflict more damage, I have my magic mender kit to make it all better.
Thanks so much.

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