Review From: Matthew Deiley

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Review From: Matthew Deiley

I just finished using your product on my worn, cracked, and faded BMW leather seats. I just have to tell you it was an awesome transformation. It took me and my wife about 12hrs to do my whole car including door panel inserts. As you state in your instructions, the key to a good finish is to apply very light coats. I ended up putting about 6-8 coats just to be safe but it’s worth the time. The only thing I would change about the process is to mandate sanding if you use the mender putty. I found out through trial & error that you pretty much have to sand the putty if you really want that smooth feel. Another thing that sold me was your extremely prompt support and customer service, I had a question about color, and you responded very fast. The whole site is true to what is stated and that is a really great thing to have. Now comes the true test in seeing how long it will last but I have faith!!! (And just FYI…it took 1 1/2 bottles of the color flex to complete the whole car) Here are some pictures of the seats. Please feel free to use them on your website.
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