Review From: Rob Michaud

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Review From: Rob Michaud

Its not very often that I reply after receiving an online order, except that I sell products online as well and you never hear the good feedback.
I wish I took a before and after picture. I bought a $6500.00 couch and love seat (black leather) in 2004, my favorite furniture. by 2010 I moved 5 times and they have been scratched several times. I got a big dog (110 pound Husky) and let him sit on the couches, that was his preferred sleeping spot as well. 2 years later he had worn the leather out until it was beige in most spots. I moved these couches to the basement, bought new couches, which I hate. In November I moved again and left the couches in the basement where I was living. The landlord kept saying come get these, and eventually they said I bet they can be fixed. After a bit of Google searching I found you, ordered your product it cost me $75.00 or so and about 7 hours of time. Wow, they are now show room condition…. I am now going to go on Kijiiji to find some worn out couches to re-finish and complete the rest of the rooms in my house.
Feel free to add this to your testimonials, its rare that I buy a product online and am so satisfied that I get what is advertised. I owe this review since I am one to deliver a bad review if required.

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