Review From: Tonya Robins

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Review From: Tonya Robins

My couch and love seat were exposed to the worst conditions ever. First, I had moved and it got horribly scratched and everything imaginable was put on top of it. Secondly, I had tile floor removed (including hardibacker) and drywall work, therefore the furniture was covered with cement dust and drywall dust. Thirdly, my cats had scratched it. I had used this product before, so I knew it capabilities.
I did the following process:
1. Vacuumed all the furniture
2. Washed with clean water
3. Cleaned with alcohol
4. Put on the dye
5. After it had dried, I applied a leather conditioner
6. Buffed the furniture
The pictures show the REMARKABLE results.
Thank you Magic Mender!!!

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