Sofa (14 years old ) repair

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Sofa (14 years old ) repair

I was considering buying new furniture, but I thought that I would give this kit a try after doing some research on the web. Believe me, I priced a comparative replacement set leather couch, sofa, and love seat, and the price was about $4675.
My thoughts were, what do I have to loose … I can try this $59.95 kit and at the least see if its fixable or not.

Well I can tell you, this kit really saved me $4675. I thought that it might look a little better, but it was way beyond what I thought my results would be.

No exaggeration, it looks better than when it was new! I ordered the 4 swatches and matched the color perfectly before I ordered the kit. So the color is dead on!
I just took my time, read the directions over and over, and wasn’t scared to sand the rough areas.
I’ve told all my friends. My family is impressed!
Thanks so much guys ….You are selling a great quality product!

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