Tip-top Teal

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Tip-top Teal

Almost despairing about ever being able to repair our teal leather couch, I thought I’d try Magic Mender. I am VERY
The very patient person in customer support, who helped me with a balky program for ordering and stuck right with me to the end was wonderful, Known to me only as “j”, that person deserves a raise.
The product itself greatly exceeded my expectations: We had claw gashes sort of everyhwere, and I knew the sofa needed attention. When my husband practically cut the surface in half by dragging the wire side of a mirror across one of the cushions, I knew the jig was up.
For once I read every word of the excellent directions, did what they said, and now have almost undetectable marks and huge relief. The color matched almost perfectly even when it was wet; when it dried a shade darker, I was thrilled! I definitely recommend Magic Mender!

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