Lexus Parchment Leather

I own a 2010 Lexus GS 350 with a parchment leather interior. While cleaning a stain from the driver's seat, I used a leather cleaner without testing first and during a vigorous application ended up removing some of the coloring from the seat. I ordered the parchment leather color from Magic Mender (#2134 - Parchment), applied as directed, and I am pleased to say that the color was a perfect match. I didn't think the result would be so good. It really seemed like magic!



Great Product

I have to admit I had my doubts about Magic Mender but I am happy to say I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I can't even tell where my puppy "accidentally" took a bite out of our leather chair. It was very easy to use and the color matched perfectly! Great product.



Thank you so so much! I purchased this chair at a garage sale recently and honestly just wanted the leather to stop chipping. I didn't mind so much what it looked like because I could always cover it with a blanket. Your product transformed my chair into a brand new one. Seriously. These pictures are before conditioner. I ordered some online and I will apply when it arrives. It is saying my photos are too large to attach. Regardless, thank you again my chair is beautiful thanks to your product!



Amazing Results

I researched and read lots of reviews on this and other products. My kit was delivered and I read the instructions. My furniture didn't have any holes, however my dogs pads and worn lots of "bald spots" as well as scuff marks.
I couldn't find anything on the website that mentions doing a color only repair. So I emailed customer service and waited. After sending another 2, I finally got an answer that I should only use the "paint". The delay in getting a response is why I am only giving 4 stars.
Now on to the important part. It Amazing!! I really can't believe how easy it was and that the finished product really makes my sofa and ottoman look like new! Seriously. No ideas why some people say it doesn't work, but I promise it does!! I will recommend this to anyone!
I have attached the after pic, since I'm only allowed to upload one



The Color Was a Perfect Match

I've never given a product testimonial before but there is always a first for everything. After visiting your website I decided to risk the $60 and shipping on an attempt to repair our 20 year old leather chair. The arm was scratched, worn and even had a 2 inch tear. We followed the instructions carefully and could not be more pleased with the result. The dark blue green was a perfect color match. I'm so glad I took the risk and that the product worked exactly as you advertised. We can enjoy the recliner now for another 20 years. Thanks for a great product.



product works great

I was very skeptical, but this product works exactly as advertised. I bought a new couch and right after delivery my cat put a nice scratch across the center of it. The scratch is completely invisible now and shows no trace of repair. Magic Mender saved my brand new couch.


Tip-top Teal

Almost despairing about ever being able to repair our teal leather couch, I thought I'd try Magic Mender. I am VERY
The very patient person in customer support, who helped me with a balky program for ordering and stuck right with me to the end was wonderful, Known to me only as "j", that person deserves a raise.
The product itself greatly exceeded my expectations: We had claw gashes sort of everyhwere, and I knew the sofa needed attention. When my husband practically cut the surface in half by dragging the wire side of a mirror across one of the cushions, I knew the jig was up.
For once I read every word of the excellent directions, did what they said, and now have almost undetectable marks and huge relief. The color matched almost perfectly even when it was wet; when it dried a shade darker, I was thrilled! I definitely recommend Magic Mender!


1994 Corvette Sport Seat

Excellent products what more can I say... WOW...



I just finished using your product on my worn, cracked, and faded BMW leather seats. I just have to tell you it was an awesome transformation. It took me and my wife about 12hrs to do my whole car including door panel inserts. As you state in your instructions, the key to a good finish is to apply very light coats. I ended up putting about 6-8 coats just to be safe but it's worth the time. The only thing I would change about the process is to mandate sanding if you use the mender putty. I found out through trial & error that you pretty much have to sand the putty if you really want that smooth feel. Another thing that sold me was your extremely prompt support and customer service, I had a question about color, and you responded very fast. The whole site is true to what is stated and that is a really great thing to have. Now comes the true test in seeing how long it will last but I have faith!!! (And just took 1 1/2 bottles of the color flex to complete the whole car) Here are some pictures of the seats. Please feel free to use them on your website.


 | Before 1 | During 1 | After 1 | Before 2 | During 2 | After 2 | Before 3


Sofa (14 years old ) repair

I was considering buying new furniture, but I thought that I would give this kit a try after doing some research on the web. Believe me, I priced a comparative replacement set leather couch, sofa, and love seat, and the price was about $4675.
My thoughts were, what do I have to loose ... I can try this $59.95 kit and at the least see if its fixable or not.

Well I can tell you, this kit really saved me $4675. I thought that it might look a little better, but it was way beyond what I thought my results would be.

No exaggeration, it looks better than when it was new! I ordered the 4 swatches and matched the color perfectly before I ordered the kit. So the color is dead on!
I just took my time, read the directions over and over, and wasn't scared to sand the rough areas.
I've told all my friends. My family is impressed!
Thanks so much guys ....You are selling a great quality product!



I bought a new steering wheel for my Jaguar Xj and it was the wrong color with some scoring and wear on the rim. I used Magic Mender Color Flex to re-color the steering wheel and mask the blemishes. By the second coat I was already astounded how well it works and how well it matches the factory color of my car. I cant thank Magic Mender enough for saving me so much money. I'm going to use the rest of the kit on my seats and I cant wait for the results!





Its Magic – Ta Da!

My car is 23 years old and even with the exact color it wont match because the leather is getting darker. So I wanted my car showroom fresh. It had rips tears, wear, and cracks. Some so bad I may never get them perfect but wow what a difference. For less than .5% of replacement too. I bought enough to do the whole car its perfedt and I didnt even have to take the seats out. I would recommend it though.
Finally something that works. I can even add accent colors, I am going to buy some to revive some of my favorite old shoes!



***** ya go. I AM TOTALLY A BELIEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Yep, never would have believed that your product could do what it did. This is a 10 year old pontoon boat that has seen it all. The main lounge was faded, ripped in areas and totally trashed by years of 6 foot tall giant fishermen abusing the crap outta a pretty nice boat. Every spring meant hours just cleaning for the season and then storing it for those thrown together weekend trips. it was always half done but as complete as necessary just to get on the water and unfortunately the boat looked it. When I ordered your product ,with your help in choosing the color, I never in a million years would have believed what was about to happen. This "POS" great pontoon fishing boat magically became brand new looking . And I am not kidding. BRAND NEW. If you get out the magnifying glass you can see some of the damage but from 3 feet it looks like it just came off the showroom floor. My $15,000.00 investment is now looking like a 25,000.00 investment. I still can't believe it and I am in shock. It took me 2 full days of hard work but the payback is astounding. I could not be happier. Tomorrow morning I am restoring all the rest of it simply because your product gave it new hope. Gave it a life again and I am proud as a new papa to be able to take this beaten up tub and show it off as a workhorse of a boat that looks like it's a few month old.


The only complaint I have is that the bottle was just shy about 2 ounces so I had to water it down to finish.. As for my luck I ran out on the lower portion of the lounge so no one is relay going to see it.


I really am in shock and disbelief. My boat is back and looking like a million bucks. My advice to anyone trying to renew is simple and you need to be very explicit in your instructions. GO SLOW; in fact slow is too fast, slow down, it's worth every second of your time. I know cause I did the research. The lounge alone was going for 7 grand new out the door. Your 200.00 plus bucks saved me almost 6800.00 dollars and all it took was elbow grease and time. There is an old carpenters saying that says measure twice and then measure again before you do anything. This applies here also. Plan it out and learn as you go. The scariest part is in the drying; it actually went through 3 different color changers as it died down and each was scarier but just being patient and waiting was worth it. After washing her down I am gonna send you guys a picture because no one is gonna believe this is an 11year old boat. I am thrilled, and ecstatic. and mostly shocked.


Thank you guys for a great product and a special thanks to the person who helped me with the color blending help. For the extra 16 bucks for the additional brown and black I was able to dead on match the color of the upholstery and sit back and admire what I never and I mean never would have believed. Knowing that all I have to do is spend a couple hundred a year to keep this boat looking new is more than a miracle. THANK YOU , Thank you and Thank you. When all the pieces are back in and she's been washed up no one is gonna believe this is a 10 plus year old boat.


You have my respect and appreciation for a reliable product. I hope it holds up to the sun but if I ever want to sell it I know exactly what to do to get it back in shape.


Thanks again a million times over.




Wow! I have a beautiful midnight blue leather furniture set. It is 19 years old, from Italy, I bought it while living over seas. Quality, second to none. I was devastated because it looked like we were going to have to replace. I searched the web for one last effort. I received your product on Monday late afternoon. After work on Tuesday, I did all the cushions, and the arms and any touch ups, AMAZING! My furniture looks brand new! Attached is the ottoman. I cannot thank you enough!!


 | Before | After



Dear Magic Mender,


About 20 years ago, I tried a leather repair kit (which was advertised on Australian TV) on some seats of a car I used to have.  The result was dreadful and I ended up paying a King’s ransom to reupholster the interior.


My current car, a 1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur gets regular use which inevitably took its toll on the driver’s seat.  I hoped that by the 21st Century, someone would have advanced technologically enough to produce a product that actually worked.


After searching Google for the best reviews on a particular product, your company’s name seemed to get the most favourable results.  So I decided to give your product a try, not just to save money, but to keep the original leather upholstery.


Well, I’m delighted to say that the product came up trumps.  So much so that I filmed the process and put it up on YouTube to share with my fellow Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club members.  One of our members was so impressed with the result, he promptly placed an order with you to repair the seats on his 1938 Rolls-Royce.  He also wanted to keep the original upholstery and he is also delighted with the result.


I didn’t put the film up on YouTube until I was confident that Magic Mender withstood regular use without splitting or breaking down and I can say that, after three months of daily use from weather temperatures ranging from 40 degrees Celsius (about 103F) to 16 degrees C (about 60F).  Your product has shown no evidence of wear and tear.


Thank you very much Magic Mender. It is a great product indeed.


Thank you also for your prompt delivery from USA to Australia


Kind regards


Robert Wort


PS: Please feel free to use the video below R.W.


Customers please note:  The damage in this vehicle is extreme but it's a good example of what kind of damage can be repaired with our products.













I had absolutely no faith that your product would work, but I am at the end of my lease and need to turn in my car, so I was desperate! I've had a huge stain in the leather seat for 2 years. YOUR PRODUCT COMPLETELY FIXED IT! It looks like a brand new seat. No trace of stain whatsoever. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will highly recommend Magic Mender.




I used your Magic Mender with great success on a large ekornes chair. It had four heavily damaged areas. The color was a little off but i was able to color the whole front of the chair and the ottaman. The chair looks beautiful.


Thanks for your help. I think it was well worth the money.




The new color matched PERFECTLY! Now, on to the next care seat repair. Your repair compound is amazing - I wondered how durable it would car seat leather had torn open...your repair worked beautifully and appears to be very durable. You have an amazing product.




My couch and love seat were exposed to the worst conditions ever. First, I had moved and it got horribly scratched and everything imaginable was put on top of it. Secondly, I had tile floor removed (including hardibacker) and drywall work, therefore the furniture was covered with cement dust and drywall dust. Thirdly, my cats had scratched it. I had used this product before, so I knew it capabilities.


I did the following process:
1. Vacuumed all the furniture
2. Washed with clean water
3. Cleaned with alcohol
4. Put on the dye
5. After it had dried, I applied a leather conditioner
6. Buffed the furniture


The pictures show the REMARKABLE results.


Thank you Magic Mender!!!





I was skeptical about doing this repair myself and if a product like this would actually work. But the cost was worth the try. Needless to say, I was impressed with the results! My repair was a result of the daily wear of sitting and my 15 mo old thinking it was a scratching pad. She ended up tearing a large patch off (over 12 inches). This product is easy and effective!





Hello There,


I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the All-in-1 Repair kit. The beige leather in my 2010 Lexus RX 450h is extremely delicate. The leather was rubbing off & it started look hideous. I decided to give it a try this morning & I'm very pleased. It covered all of the dark spots.


I was so pleased with the product that I posted your link to Lexus' Facebook page. I hope this will bring even more exposure to your great product.


Best of luck!!




Our furniture is only a few years old and my husband and I couldn't believe how fast it was breaking down. We had purchased this expensive 5 year warranty that was going to cover "everything" according to our salesman. I took the appropriate pictures, filled out the forms, mailed them in and it's not covered. We felt so discouraged until I found your website. I started the process about lunchtime and it only took a few hours and that was just because of drying time. We were so impressed at how it turned out. I had to share the photos with my family and they all wanted to know what I used. I will definitely be a lifetime customer with all the leather couches and car seats. Thank you!





Thought you might like to see my before, during, and after pictures. I found the Magic Mender product and results very impressive. The pictures speak for themselves! One bit of advice that I could share is that you should ALWAYS finish with a spray coat for even blend able coverage.


| Photos  |1999 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet w/ Hardtop Graphite Grey interior



I was very much a skeptic and was convinced that your product would be ineffective, but offer a temporizing repair. I couldn't have been more incorrect. I live in Arizona where the left hand side of the steering wheel on my 2000 Lexus LS 400 was all but destroyed by the sun. I shopped at several leather repair locations, but each place balked at the idea of doing a steering wheel. By chance I happened to come across your web site and thought I would give your product a try. I could not be more impressed at the quality of the color match, the durability of the finish and the professional look of the repair. My steering wheel looks brand new. The finish is soft, pliable and durable. The tears and holes filled completely and easily and simply cannot be seen any longer, even with careful inspection. I would enthusiastically recommend your product to anyone in need of leather repair. I will certainly take 'before and after' pictures on my next project using your product. Absolutely impressive; well done. Thank you.




I want to let you know just how pleased I am with your product. I was reluctant to purchase, based upon the price of the kit...knowing that there are other "kits" out there for much less. But I can honestly tell you that your product is worth every penny. I read the instructions and viewed the tutorial and then I was off and running! The leather bar stool looks great! Much better than I could have hoped for. The barstool leather was brownish-black and was a sling style seat. So, I had to repair both sides. Worked tremendously. If there was one thing I could tell you, it would be that because the sling was not only very worn, but had a 1 inch rip in it, I applied 3 or 4 coats of the white repair compound. Wow, I am a believer and like I said, it was worth every penny!