Demonstration repairing cracks in leather using our “All-in-One” repair kit.

The alcohol pads shown in this video have been replaced with Presto Prep cleaner.  Presto Prep comes with the All-in-One Repair Kit but if you are purchasing products separately, be sure to purchase a bottle of Presto Prep as well.

Actual customer repair —A big thank you to Robert Wort of Australia for taking the time to make this detailed video of his repairs.  Note: the damage to these seats is extensive and not your typical repair.  However it’s an excellent example of what our products can do.

Update: We’ve received an email from Robert and he tells us “You may recall that I sent you a video of my repair a couple of years back and it’s still as good as the day I repaired it.”

Review From: Debbie Porter

Thanks to your Magic Mender, I was able to save my 14 year old leather sofa. My kitty had literally scratched so many holes in the sides that the threads took me over 2 hours to cut off. I put on the mender, and still saw the gray threads. I thought there was no way it was going to look any better. I applied the paint, and to my amazement, the sofa looked fabulous! You just can't tell there were any repairs made. The color blended well into the existing color. Magic Mender was easy to use and apply. It took me more time to prepare the sofa than it did to use magic mender. I also used the paint to cover over some wear on the sofa. My only regret is that I did not take a before picture to send to you so you could see how damaged my sofa was. Thank you for a great product for a great price. 

Debbie Porter

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Review From: William P. Coons

Hi, Just want to say that I repaired a "quarter" size hole in the seat of my '03 Mustang. Your product was easy to use , repair looks great, I just hope that holds up in use. Thanks!

William P. Coons

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Review From: Gregory Leitza

I just had to tell you that your product is amazing. I had a steering wheel in a recently purchased classic car that I didn't know what to do with. It was saddle leather color and was torn up around the diameter. I picked the product I needed and used your Color Chart to pick the color. It match perfectly and by following your instruction I completed the repair in about 90 minutes. You included everything in the kit that was needed and it turned out fantastic, as good as a new wheel. Buying the repair kit from you and doing it myself saved me hundreds of dollars, and it was easy to do.
Thank You for a great product.

Gregory Leitza

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