Demonstration repairing cracks in leather using our “All-in-One” repair kit.

The alcohol pads shown in this video have been replaced with Presto Prep cleaner.  Presto Prep comes with the All-in-One Repair Kit but if you are purchasing products separately, be sure to purchase a bottle of Presto Prep as well.

Actual customer repair —A big thank you to Robert Wort of Australia for taking the time to make this detailed video of his repairs.  Note: the damage to these seats is extensive and not your typical repair.  However it’s an excellent example of what our products can do.

Update: We’ve received an email from Robert and he tells us “You may recall that I sent you a video of my repair a couple of years back and it’s still as good as the day I repaired it.”

Review From: Randy Hoexter

I ordered Color Flex to refinish my 2008 Infiniti EX35 steering wheel. I bought the car used, and the leather was worn, discolored and sticky. It is a light color, so all the imperfections were very obvious as dark spots and loss of luster.
I looked up the OEM color using your online tools, followed the instructions, and after 3 light coats, applied about 15 minutes apart, the wheel looks and feels like new. It looked good and was usable after about an hour, but after curing for 24 hours, it looks even better; nearly indistinguishable from the factory leather color and texture.
I had no idea this would be so easy. This product delivers exactly what is promised. Thanks for a great experience.

Randy Hoexter Atlanta, GA

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Its Magic – Ta Da!

Its Magic - Ta Da!

My car is 23 years old and even with the exact color it wont match because the leather is getting darker. So I wanted my car showroom fresh. It had rips tears, wear, and cracks. Some so bad I may never get them perfect but wow what a difference. For less than .5% of replacement too. I bought enough to do the whole car its perfedt and I didnt even have to take the seats out. I would recommend it though.
Finally something that works. I can even add accent colors, I am going to buy some to revive some of my favorite old shoes!



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Review From: Gina Moore

Love Magic Mender
I just fixed my Isuzu Trooper driver's seat and it looks brand new. Awesome product! Easy to use.

Gina Moore

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