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Demonstration repairing cracks in leather using our “All-in-One” repair kit.

The alcohol pads shown in this video have been replaced with Presto Prep cleaner.  Presto Prep comes with the All-in-One Repair Kit but if you are purchasing products separately, be sure to purchase a bottle of Presto Prep as well.

Actual customer repair —A big thank you to Robert Wort of Australia for taking the time to make this detailed video of his repairs.  Note: the damage to these seats is extensive and not your typical repair.  However it’s an excellent example of what our products can do.

Update:  We’ve received an email from Robert and he tells us “You may recall that I sent you a video of my repair a couple of years back and it’s still as good as the day I repaired it.”

Review From: Lynn Timson

I cannot believe how awesome the Magic Mender is. My burgundy leather chesterfield had deep groves in it, ( from my two choc. labs who aren't suppose to be on the chesterfield, but if I am not in the room they think it is theirs). I was at my wits end, The chesterfield and loveseat are still in great condition but the groves and wear and tear just stood out like a sore thumb. It was the only thing I could see when I walked into the living room. I had tried other products, that would fade the marks but they would be back in days. I ordered Magic Mender, had the product in 2 days, the kit looked so simple I thought I had just wasted $60.00, But WOW, it worked. It is absolutely amazing. The seat cushions look brand new. It is so simple to do. The instructions are very simple and easy to follow and the results are incredible. My family has asked me to stop showing them the repairs, and I am no longer allowed to bring in strangers off the street and show them how great the Magic Mender worked. Everything with my experience with this company has been outstanding, from choosing the colour, ordering, details on shipping and the product itself.

Lynn Timson

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Review From: Michael

I used your product to repair the driver's seat of my 1992 Toyota Celica. Following your directions closely, I found the results to be quite satisfactory; frankly much better than I had anticipated being skeptical by nature. The color match for the leather (dark gray) was perfect. Though I initially thought the kit price to be a bit high, it certainly was much less than recovering the seat. I hope that the repair compound and Color-Flex will remain useable over the next few years as they are kept (well-sealed) in storage, awaiting the next leather repair. Thank you for a fine product that works as advertised.


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Review From: George Badal

We recently bought two new leather chairs and were concerned that our 12 year old leather couches might look a little aged. I decided to purchase your repair kit and give the couches a try. I am amazed at the results. Most of our repairs were on the edges of cushions and corners of the frame. The color match was near perfect. I cannot really detect where the repairs were made. I am very pleased with the results and will probably purchase another kit for the chairs for the inevitable nicks and corner wear .

George Badal

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