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Demonstration repairing cracks in leather using our “All-in-One” repair kit.

The alcohol pads shown in this video have been replaced with Presto Prep cleaner.  Presto Prep comes with the All-in-One Repair Kit but if you are purchasing products separately, be sure to purchase a bottle of Presto Prep as well.

Actual customer repair —A big thank you to Robert Wort of Australia for taking the time to make this detailed video of his repairs.  Note: the damage to these seats is extensive and not your typical repair.  However it’s an excellent example of what our products can do.

Update:  We’ve received an email from Robert and he tells us “You may recall that I sent you a video of my repair a couple of years back and it’s still as good as the day I repaired it.”

Review From: Derrick Crimmins

Seats look great, airbrush worked awesome!
Thanks for a great product!
 | Before | After

Derrick Crimmins

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Review From: DD

I own a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle with grey leather seats. The driver's side seat had started to unravel along a vertical seam on the side. The split in the seat was about 5 inches long. I had pretty well decided that I was going to have to buy a replacement seat from the salvage yard. I read the ad for Magic Mender though didn't hold out much hope. But, the price was right.
I sewed the seam closed, cleaned the seat thoroughly and then applied the filler compound in several coats. I painted the joint several times feathering out the paint. The repair is quite invisible and is holding up well almost a year later.
This kit works amazingly well. It produces an durable, undetectable repair even on large areas. Highly recommended!


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2008 Range Rover wear and tear repair

WOW! I’m blown away! You really have to make sure you smooth out the compound to avoid any raised areas, it took me a bit to get it how I loved it and now I can’t stop staring at the change. I have NEVER used a leather repair kit before, in fact I had no idea how to do it until I searched the web. If you’re repairing your car, you may need more than one kit, I’ll need a 2nd for the remainder of my husbands Rover. He’s active Army and doesn’t have the time to work on it like I do being at home more. It’s actually pretty fun to work with it. Enjoy!

Sarah Rogers San Antonio/Repair Kit in Ivory

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