Demonstration repairing cracks in leather using our “All-in-One” repair kit.

The alcohol pads shown in this video have been replaced with Presto Prep cleaner.  Presto Prep comes with the All-in-One Repair Kit but if you are purchasing products separately, be sure to purchase a bottle of Presto Prep as well.

Actual customer repair —A big thank you to Robert Wort of Australia for taking the time to make this detailed video of his repairs.  Note: the damage to these seats is extensive and not your typical repair.  However it’s an excellent example of what our products can do.

Update:  We’ve received an email from Robert and he tells us “You may recall that I sent you a video of my repair a couple of years back and it’s still as good as the day I repaired it.”

Review From: Emily Bauer

I bought Magic Mender Color Flex Light Taupe to touch up a worn spot on my 2008 Acura TL. It matched perfectly and you can not identify where the spot has been touched up. The product was really easy to use even for a 28 year old teacher who knows little about car repairs and detailing. Thanks for a nice and affordable product.

Emily Bauer Ohio

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Review From: William P. Coons

Hi, Just want to say that I repaired a "quarter" size hole in the seat of my '03 Mustang. Your product was easy to use , repair looks great, I just hope that holds up in use. Thanks!

William P. Coons

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Your Products Work Beautifully

Your products work beautifully. I wanted to fix a 25-year-old recliner that was suffering from neglect, with lots of cracking on the arms, including two places where the cracks had opened into small holes. I ordered one of your All-In-One repair kits in Wedgewood Blue back in November 2016, but didn't take time to actually make the repairs until August 2017, by which time the wear on the chair arms had gotten worse (two holes had become five).

Your instructions are thorough and easy to follow, step by step. The application process is simple, and the series of thin coats (both for the repair compound and the Color Flex) looked and felt and worked just as the instructions said they would. Drying times between coats for the repair compound and for the Color Flex were just what your instructions predicted. The color of the repair is exactly what your online color charts suggested. Clean-up at each stage was fast and easy. The repair looks great.

It is obvious that you care about the results your customers achieve. Thank you for offering such a high quality product.


James Gifford
Silver Spring, MD

James Gifford All-in-One Repair Kit

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